Searching For Good Sources To Use In A Research Paper

There are many different sources that you can use when it comes to writing a research paper and, therefore, you will need to try and choose the sources that you use carefully, so as to ensure that they provide you with the most help.

In order to give you some ideas of where to look for good sources, the following explains a variety of different methods that you can use.

Using online encyclopedias to learn about the subject but not as a source to reference

In the 21st century, many students will use online encyclopedias, particularly Wikipedia, in order to learn about specific subjects. It has to be said, this approach is generally frowned upon by educational institutions, and it is often said that you will not be able to find reliable information this way. However, studies have suggested that this is not necessarily the case; nevertheless, whilst you may wish to learn more about the subject using an online encyclopedia, it is perhaps not ideal to use one as a reference - so look elsewhere for good-quality statistics and information.

Using official websites

One good place to look for information whilst doing your research is on an official website; for example, it might be that you are discussing a particular company, a particular region, or a wide range of other topics that might have a range of websites dedicated to them. Some of these websites will be written by individuals or companies not connected with the specific topic, whilst others will be official websites.

If you are able to find a range of official and non-official websites, then it is best to use the official websites for any information or statistics.

Using websites belonging to governments and other institutions

Government websites are generally well-received by people who mark essays. In fact, as well as government websites, you might find information on a wide range of other important institutions.

Ultimately, these websites will contain a wide range of information, and it will generally be considered accurate and reliable. Essentially, websites that are produced by governments and other institutions are likely to have information that will have been well researched, and any studies are likely to have been conducted by professionals.

Of course, whenever you are using information from any website, or any off-line source, you should be sure to include any necessary references and citations.

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