Composing An Impressive High School Research Paper On Bullying

Bullying is a huge issue today besides all of the efforts that exist to stop it. The fact is that now there are more ways for bullies to pick on others and less chance of them being caught. Not to mention that the student that stands up for themselves and fights back gets the same punishment as the bully. Once you get to high school, you have likely had a run in or two with a bully. These are the kids that prey on the weaker or smaller children because they are lacking something in their own lives. If you are the bully, you may have learned the error in your ways and decided to try and stop others from taking the same path. The best way to start putting an end to the single worst thing a child should have to deal with in school is to conduct some research on it to learn more about it.

Knowledge is power and this knowledge could work towards ending the tragedy that has caused so many of our youth to take their own lives to escape it. Nobody should ever feel inferior or unwanted. That kid that is being bullied may grow up to be the only doctor that can cure your severe and deadly ailment. Maybe a victim of bullying was the person who would have grown up to cure the cancer that took your grandfathers life, but instead that person committed suicide. These are the compelling ideas that you want to drudge up when conducting research for your paper.

Conducting research

You will want to come up with a central theme or focus for your paper. It will make up a single sentence which will become your thesis statement and it will be what you work to prove through your paper. When you are reading sources relating to your overall topic, you will draw a conclusion, create your thesis statement, and write an outline before you continue researching. That way you are sure to continue your research in the direction of your study.

Get prepared

You wouldn’t build a house without a blue print, so don’t write your paper without a plan. Create an outline that works to prove your main point and then continue to read articles, journals, and books that work to prove the thesis statement. It is the best way to write an impressive high school research paper.

Writing Ideas

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