Basic Tips On How To Write A Research Paper On Drug Legalization

Every year we see new and new campaigns against drugs. On the other hand, many countries started to legalize drugs and this is seen with very bad eyes by the public. As beneficial as legal drugs can be for some people, as damaging they can become if they end up in the wrong hands. To make a research paper on this subject is not as easy as it seems because people have very strong opinions about it. However, there are some tips that you can apply to write a good paper:

  • Be realistic. Yes, drugs are bad. On the other hand, many people use them for medical reasons. In the West most of the psychologists prescribe marijuana as an antidepressant. You can not deny these facts and you can not change them, so you might as well expose them in your paper. When it comes to a topic like this you have to make sure that your feelings don’t get in the way.
  • Discuss about the danger. Most of your classmates know that they can end up in a very bad situation if they take drugs. Even so, they do not completely realize what this means. How about bringing some pictures that are representative for this? You can easily find on the Internet pictures from autopsies where the effect of drugs over internal organs is very obvious. This will impress them more than any speech that you can give.
  • What are the benefits? Well, let’s be real now. Legalizing the drugs can be very good for economy and it can prevent many bad situations. If drugs are legal, the government can control them and children will not be able to buy them. Furthermore, the stores would have to pay taxes and this could improve the economy of the country. Many regions changed their bad economic situation by legalizing marijuana.
  • Express your opinion about this. Remember that you have to be balanced and to show that your opinion is relevant. This means that you need to bring some arguments to support it. On top of everything, you need to tell people why you think that drugs should be legalized, and what measures should be taken so that teenagers would not end up addicted to them. If you combine all these ideas in good way, your research paper will be one of the best.

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