What Is The Difference Between A Research Paper And A Journal?

Understanding the difference between a research paper and a journal is helpful if you are expected to write one or the other. Many people feel these documents are the same or have many similarities. Upon further review you will find each document is different with one being more transparent and detailed than the other. Learning their differences can make a difference when seeking data or when referring to one or the other as a resource. Here is what you need to know about each paper.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is known to take longer to write since it has many parts. It takes longer since it involves collecting data from different sources. The paper is made up of different parts and sections while being focused on a thesis or main viewpoint set by the writer. This is not considered to be a collection of quotes or a summary of a subject. This can have a number of parts that vary depending on guidelines set by the instructor. Some educational institutions have different guidelines so the outcome of this assignment could vary from one school to another.

What is a Journal?

A journal can be written in two ways depending on the type of journal it is defined as. When considering a journal it may be an academic or scholarly document. It can be written with peer-review and non-peer-review elements. This can include opinions and facts but be created by an academic student and not a journalist. The information found in this type of document may be read by specific groups of people for certain purposes depending on the subject matter. The length of this paper may not compare to other assignments but it can be a few pages in length depending on guidelines and subject matter.

Understanding Differences When Writing Either Paper

There are a few things you can do to get more insight on how each paper is different. Students can access databases online with samples of academic papers. They can provide clear detail and insight to help understand how each paper should look and the type of information necessary. Samples can also help draft an outline for either paper. The outline itself will help each paper stand out and give an idea of how it should be written.

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