Composing A Research Paper With An Appendix In The APA Format

Research paper writing includes so much more than just the paper itself. These lengthy projects require several additional pages including the bibliography page, appendix, title page, and more. Depending on the formatting style you are required to use, those additional pages have just as many necessities as the paper itself.

Get a Manual to Learn about the Style

When you are writing an APA research paper, you should use a manual, either in hard copy or online because there are so many small details to get right. It is too much to memorize and without a manual, you will get details wrong and lose points on your work. You could even lose your academic reputation and have to deal with plagiarism charges if you do not properly document your sources in the paper and in the appendix.

Why Use APA Formatting

The APA format was created by the American Psychological Association as a way to insure that papers were written in a similar fashion. The styles used by the APA have undergone several changes as the way that students get their information has changed. Just a few short years ago, no one even considered how to document and cite a post on social media, now there are formats for all of the major social media websites. It does not matter if you get information from a social media source or a more traditional source, like a book or journal article, you will need to properly cite it, even in the appendix.

The Paper is Important

Even if you do need to include an appendix in your research paper, you should still take time to compose the actual paper properly. It will need to have well organized paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details. It will also need to have well-written introductory and concluding paragraphs to keep the read interested and informed. A top research paper will have quality grammar and mechanics, too. Even though the appendix might be the focus, because it is a new section to learn about, the actual argumentative paper needs to be top priority in any research project.

Use a Sample for Academic Appendices

If you are having difficulty organizing the appendix, it can be useful to have a sample. You can find them on many different websites, like college writing labs, writing websites, and informative sites, too.

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