Where To Find A Strong Example Of A Research Paper With An Appendix

Instructors dislike giving out samples of any type of paper because they worry that students will copy them. This means that students who have to write research papers with appendices will need to find their own samples. Fortunately, finding a sample type of any writing assignment is much easier than students often think it is. There are several places online to find strong examples with all of the extra pieces.

  • College Writing Labs: One of the best places to find a sample paper is a collegiate writing lab. These websites are full of useful writing material, like tutorials, rules, and samples. The websites are managed by top colleges and writing students work on the sites to make sure the content is actually helpful and timely. Most online labs have complete samples of papers, so you do not need to look all over to find the little pieces you need.
  • Informational Websites: The Internet is loaded with informational websites and many of them cover academic topics. Since research paper writing has long plagued high school and college students, webmasters know that writing sites will get viewers. While informational websites can be helpful, they are usually created so the owner of the site can make money; so, be alert to inaccuracies.
  • Style Websites: Since your research paper will need to be written in a certain style, like MLA or ALA, you can find good examples at the dedicated sites. If you have a style book, you can also find samples using the style rules. Unlike the collegiate writing site, style sites and books will not usually include a complete sample, but you should be able to learn about the appendix and other specific sections.
  • Online Writing Sites: The websites that offer essays and research papers for sale also have free samples to give to potential customers. Since these sites are designed to be profitable, they offer good quality example papers so customers will hire a writer and make a purchase.
  • Teacher Blogs and Webpages: Many teachers maintain blogs and websites for their students. Even if your instructor does not have a blog, there are plenty of others who do and many of them include thorough examples for their students. If the blog is maintained by a teacher, you can trust that the examples are high quality pieces.

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