Composing A Good MLA Style Research Paper Proposal

Most instructors request students to write research proposals in MLA format. The style is quite conducive to proposals, especially in connection with in-text citations. You should therefore arm yourself with useful MLA nuggets before starting off.

  • Here, the title page would be the initial venture. Yu begin with a running head and place the title (in all caps) after a colon. You then switch to the middle of the page and place the title again (this time, only the initials in caps), your name and the university you are affiliated with.
  • The second page carries the abstract and you start with the word abstract in all caps in central alignment as a heading. IT is necessary to note that you don’t have to italicize, underline or embolden the word ABSTRACT. The paragraph that follows is in double spacing and in 12 pts Times New Roman font. It is about 150 words and is not indented at the beginning. Incidentally, it is the only paragraph of the paper which is not indented.
  • The abstract carries your view on the subject; the problems you visualize and the solutions you venture to highlight. Remember that this is only the proposal and the actual solutions will come out forcefully only after due methods and analysis.
  • The whole body is in double spacing and the mentioned format. 1-inch margins ought to be left on all four sides. You need to make in-text citations with the last name of author and the page in parentheses after the references are made in the body.
  • The reference page carries the wholesome description of the resources you have utilized in alignment with in-text citations. Of course, you can offer short descriptions of the citations in the actual research paper to make it appear more authentic and potent.
  • The proposal should be in form of a proposal. You need to impress the instructor with the fact that you can handle the topic with maturity and deserve the chance to tackle it. You should also suggest a time period by which you will furnish the paper.

Taking inspiration

You should take a cursive look at the various samples related to the topic and subject so you know how proposals are carved. You should also check the format style vividly to understand and interpret the guidelines methodically. Make sure that errors don’t creep at the edges. Create a sound and effective paper.

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