Top 12 Human Body Research Paper Topics For High School Students

High school students interested in learning more about the human body may wonder what to write about for a research paper. There are dozens of ideas to consider and you may want to review them beyond this list to give more insight on possible topics. Consider your interests and what you want to learn about when determining your final idea.

What to Think about When Consider Research Paper Topics on the Human Body

There are probably thousands of research papers written on the human body. While this aspect may seem fascinating it can be overwhelming and discouraging at the same time. You can use this aspect as a starting point when considering topic ideas. Your interests is another element that will guide you and separate good and bad ideas.

It is possible there are research papers you may use as a reference or mention in your citations or works cited page. You can use such papers to get ideas on how to develop and structure your paper. You could use them as a guide in developing an outline for your topic. As you review sample papers consider topics you are willing to explore further.

12 Writing Prompts to help You Develop Your Own Human Body Research Paper Topic

Do you need help developing a topic idea for your research paper? There are so many ideas to consider when writing about the human body you are sure to find something of interest. The good news is there are various writing prompts you can review to help you develop a research paper topic.

  1. How does a drug become addictive?
  2. How does the body take nutrients from food?
  3. How does the body produce and grow hair?
  4. Why and how does the body maintain its temperature?
  5. How does the body repair a broken bone?
  6. What happens when a muscle is torn or sore?
  7. What is a part of the body not fully developed at birth?
  8. What is a body part people are born with but can live without?
  9. Is there a body part with an unknown purpose?
  10. What is considered the most favorite body part among men or women?
  11. What body parts are considered fragile and cannot be repaired once damaged?
  12. Why are there experts against cloning of humans?

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