What Am I Supposed To Write In A 10-Page Research Paper On Gay Marriage?

While many students like having their topics given by the teacher, there are some topics that can be difficult to write about. Students who are unfamiliar with the subject may have problems writing a 10-page research paper on gay marriage. To successfully write about this topic, students must narrow down their focus to subjects that can be adequately covered in just 10 pages. Once this is done, students can go to the library or check online for additional sources for their assignment.

The Legal Argument

One of the ways to approach this assignment is to focus on the legal argument. Over the last century, students should consider the ways that the legal argument for or against gay marriage has changed. Students will want to look at course cases that cover precedents, current laws and groundbreaking changes in the field.

Historical Approach

Over the centuries, the status of gay people has changed drastically. In ancient Greece, homosexual relationships were encouraged between special forces and other troops because it was thought to improve the teamwork and cohesion of the army. Later on, people convicted of homosexuality in England were given medication that prevented them from having sexual impulses. More recently, a thriving gay rights movement has taken hold in many parts of the world that has led to greater freedom, legal rights and acceptance. Students can choose a specific instance in history or compare the changing values of a single country during a specific time period.

The Moral Perspective

For many religious leaders and followers, gay marriage is not just a legal argument. An interesting research paper could cover the many moral arguments for and against gay marriage. Students can also pick a specific religion and describe their views on the topic. For a different take, students could break down the religious reasons to show why they are not an effective argument against gay marriage.

Examine Different States

Within the United States, the status of gay marriage and gay rights varies from state to state. In reality, the 50 states are almost like 50 different countries in their various laws, regulations and culture. Students could look at the different laws about gay marriage in various states, or they could look at the states which currently have anti-sodomy laws. In addition, students may want to consider cases related to gay marriage that have been taken up by a state's supreme court or the federal district courts.

Writing Ideas

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