How To Write A Research Paper In The MLA Format: Tips And Examples

If you are still relatively new to essay writing, then you might not have yet been asked to create an academic paper which needs to follow an MLA format. As well as not necessarily having used MLA format when writing an essay before, it is entirely possible that you have also not written a research paper before either. In fact, whether you have had some experience with this kind of essay writing before or not, it can always be beneficial to learn a bit more about how to create the work.

Why use a formatting guide?

It is worth pointing out that MLA format is not the only formatting guide that students may have to use. In fact, there are many different formatting techniques, some of which are reserved specifically for academic writing, whilst others may refer to journalism, and a range of other writing styles.

Essentially, a formatting guide helps to ensure that any work that is produced follows any specific guidelines and, therefore, is consistent with what is expected. Therefore, it is important that you understand how to do the work, and are aware of any specific formatting instructions.

Do you always have to follow the instructions of a particular formatting guide?

Of course, if you are used to writing with APA format, but you have now been asked to use MLA format, then you should ignore APA format instructions, and follow the MLA instructions instead.

However, there is another way of looking at things -for example, if you have been asked to write using MLA format, then unless told otherwise, you should use these instructions. However, it is entirely possible that your mentor or teacher has asked you to use some instructions which contradict those typically found in the formatting guide. If this is the case, then any new instructions should take priority.

Where to find details of the instructions

The Internet is a great place to find the latest details and instructions relating to MLA format. It is worth bearing in mind that various formatting guides will get updated from time to time and, therefore, you want to look for the latest version. Alternatively, as well as looking online, it is also possible to find an official version of the MLA formatting techniques and instructions that have been produced in a printed format, if you find it easier to work offline instead.

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