The Best Way To Avoid Scam If You Want To Buy Term Papers

Okay, so other than been found out by your tutor and publicly branded a cheat for buying your term paper, then the one thing that most students who go down this route fear is being scammed by the person that they have actually handed their cash over to. This is a real risk and a genuine fear, as buying term papers while broadly more acceptable these days is still viewed by some as an underground, black market activity.

No-one wants to put themselves through that, so what is the best way to avoid scam if you want to buy term papers?

Go to a trusted source

Forgive me if I seem to be stating the obvious here, but it is surprising just how many students overlook a source that they know and trust in favor of an unknown. If there is any way that you can obtain your paper from someone that you know, or someone who is known to a friend or acquaintance then I would advocate that you do that each and every time. ONLY go to a different source if this is absolutely not going to be possible.

Pay on delivery

This can be a thorny issue whichever side of the fence you happen to be sitting on. Most companies will require payment upfront. This is usually not because they are attempting to scam you but because they also run the risk of being scammed themselves – So many writers fail to get paid for their work that they feel that they have no choice but to request money upfront. However, if at all possible see if there is any way that you can either just pay on delivery or maybe just pay a deposit with the full balance becoming due upon delivery.

Use an escrow service

There are several large freelance agencies online that both freelancers and those looking to hire can register. The main benefit of using a service like this is the fact that they will take payment from you upfront BUT hold it in a safe, escrow account and ONLY release payment to the person writing your assignment once it has been:

  • Delivered
  • You have confirmed that you are one-hundred-percent happy with it and don’t require any further revisions. Yes, they will take a fee – usually a percentage of the overall job, but at least you can be sure to avoid a scam.

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