Creative Ideas To Help You Compose A Research Paper On Reggae Music

Reggae is a genre of music that influenced good vibes across the whole world, making it one of the best possible topics for a research paper. You can look up a variety of things, right from its origins to its current impact on music and lives. Here are few ideas that have been compiled especially for you:


One of the most important parts of every genre of music is where it originated. You should talk about where and when it first began, how this impacted the nature of the music and the first ever influential reggae musicians. You could talk about names it was given and what people referred to it as. You could also talk about how people reacted to reggae when it first came about – that’s important, too.


Something that really shapes a genre of music is its musical influences, so you should explore what those are. You could explain how reggae includes elements of rhythm and blues as well as jazz – amongst other things.

Big Reggae Artists

How can you research reggae without going into details about the most popular reggae artists? Your most obvious ones are Bob Marley and Desmond Dekker but there are others out there too, so make sure you research a few of them.

You can also explore how these artists are still popular today and how they got into playing reggae.

Outside of Jamaica

Another good point to look into is how reggae has come out of Jamaica and become a genre of music that has affected people worldwide. One of the ways reggae got into the UK was because of the attraction to Jamaicans to migrate over here in the mid 20th century, but in different regions, there will be different reasons.

Again, you could also investigate how reggae and reggae artists are still an important part of many people’s cultures outside of Jamaica.

There are tonnes of things related to the reggae genre that you could look into and write about, these are just a few ideas to get you started but they could definitely serve as very important points in your work. You should do your own research to get as much information about the genre as you can, and then you can note down points to put into your work that interest you directly. Writing about something you’re interested in is always much easier than writing about something you’re not. Good luck!

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