How To Write A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper: Basic Manual

The conclusion of a research paper should summarize the whole writing and the aim of the author. There are several important elements of every conclusion, and several methods you can use in order to create effective conclusion. Anyway, there are elements that should be avoided in it in order to keep it strong. Here are some basic things how to write a conclusion for a paper.

Restate the topic and the thesis statement

The conclusion is a simple restatement of the topic and the thesis statement in the introduction. It helps the reader to understand the point of the author clearly. It was a clausal sentence in the introduction, but it is a concluding argument in the conclusion.

Make a short summary of the main points

Reminding the reader what you said in the text above will remind him of your aim. The main points are elaborated in every paragraph you should clearly paraphrase them. Any repetition of the details will only create confusion in the conclusion. It doesn’t have to be long, only say what you mean in as many sentences as you have body paragraphs.

Avoid introducing new points

Be careful when you restate the main points. If you didn’t include a point in the body paragraphs, there is no need to do it in the conclusion. Simply omit it and move on.

Call to action phrases

You can use call to action phrases, but it is not mandatory. Use these phrases only if you feel like you need them. Usually “call to action” phrases are not suitable for scientific writings and literary criticisms. Public or scientific writings call readers to action.

Making your conclusion for paper effective

In order to make an effective conclusion, you have to avoid repeating. Therefore, don’t repeat the words from your thesis statement and your main points. Try to restate them, in other words, paraphrase them in a way that every sentence ties to the previous one. It will make the whole paper neatly complete.

A research paper is one whole. You can’t separate it in parts. In order to show the connection between the introduction and the conclusion, you have to add creativity. You can start a story, anecdote in the introduction, but you will reveal the end in the conclusion. Or you can ask a question in the introduction and give your answer in the conclusion. Be as creative as possible.

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