Fresh Ideas For A High School Research Paper On Obesity In Canada

When you are writing about information from another country, it is important that you use resources that are from that country. The internet has made it possible to get information from all over the world so this is not a problem. It is important that you use statistics and facts from resources from that country so the facts can apply appropriately to your inferences for your research paper. Here are some fresh ideas on how to write a research paper for high school on obesity in Canada:

  • There are many different angles you can use when you are trying to decide what your topic should be with the subject of obesity in Canada. Try to think about what the current concerns may be and expand on those ideas so that it would be of some interest in what is happening today. Some ideas may include what is fed to students in Canadian schools or what food is available in vending machines for students. Other ideas may include what is available at stores near schools that children may frequent and should something be done about what is offered. There are many avenues you can explore if you think about it. The topic is one of the most important things when writing any type of research paper.
  • Research is the next most important thing you need to do. Make sure you take accurate and precise notes that are well organized. The more organized your notes are, the easier it will be to refer back to them when you are writing. As you research, a thesis statement will begin to form in your head. You will find something that intrigues you. When this happens take the time to formulate your statement and then spend the rest of your time narrowing down your research to expand on this idea. Look up at least three sources that are reputable so that your information can be considered valid. The more statistics and facts you put into your paper that you can reference, the more valid your paper will be.
  • Outlines are another important step you must not overlook when you are writing a research paper. Many students feel these are unnecessary but this is a big mistake. Your outline will help you organize your paper and create a good flow. It will also make sure that you don’t forget anything important in your paper. Create your introduction that includes your thesis statement and make sure that you are creating a “hook” that will interest your audience. The next few sections, at least 3-5, should be dedicated to your proof of your thesis statement. Use each section for one main point and then write down what secondary information you have to prove your main points. Put your strongest point first and go down from there. Use the outline to organize your paper so you can see how it will flow.
  • After this you can create your rough draft and have someone look at the paper to suggest any changes and help edit it.
  • Create your final draft and be proud you put great effort into creating your paper.

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