Looking For A Winning Research Paper Summary Conclusion Sample

People often forget that the conclusion is the part of any work that is going to stick in the minds of the reader. You can providing all the winning evidence you want to for your research paper but if your ending is boring that is how people will see your work.

You have gone to all the trouble of making your point in the body of the essay, so rather than just let the ending trail off, why not leave your readers thinking?

What makes an unforgettable ending?

  • First briefly summarize what you have said in the main body. Try not to just restate your thesis sentence or the topic sentences for your evidence instead choose to compress the argument and evidence into a new version without “plagiarizing” your own words. This is not the place to be passive; assert the correctness of your argument.
  • And after that? You could choose to make your ending a Call to Action. This type of ending works well with persuasive essays where you are asking your reader believe a certain viewpoint.
  • Or you could decide add a Twist to the ending: a tricky ending to pull off. This is where you have made one point in the main body and then suggest an alternative view that fits with the evidence. To do this you must make sure you do not undermine the point you have already made or you will make your work seem even weaker than if you had just trailed off.
  • Or perhaps you could use the ending to expand your focus from a local to a global solution to a problem. Here you connect your reader to global community of like-minded individuals.
  • Alternatively, you could help the people who come after you and suggest new areas of research that could expand the knowledge on this subject.

Where to find good examples

  • For the Call to Action style endings a good place to check out would be the websites of politicians. For the best examples try the sites of the ones who actually got elected as they must have been convincing to acquire the votes.
  • Where you expand your focus from local to global, you might find articles and essay published on environmental websites.
  • For the ending that suggests more possible research or twist endings, then checking out the papers of past students would be a good place to start. Maybe your college library keeps copies of good essays.

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