Four Basic Parts Of A Research Paper: An Overview For Newbies

The research paper writing is not a comical thing. It requires sharp intelligence, good writing skill and experience to jot down the thought provoking content. Dummies must make an overview to learn about the four basic parts of the research paper to complete.

Four Main Parts of Research Paper

  • Introduction with thesis sentences and transitional phrases to describe the subject skillfully.
  • The body of the content
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography


The academic paper must be well built with a fantastic introduction. This brief introductory paragraph exposes what the author thinks. That means the author’s views and main themes should be mentioned in the introduction. Readers need to do the workouts to do the proper probing. The inspiration they get comes from the introduction. Therefore, this first paragraph must not be irrelevant with improper information. The thesis statement must be stated wisely. It is the small sentence which exhibits the cluster of visible points to analyze.

Body of the Content

Bulk of data should be punched into the main body of the content. There are several divisions of the main body of the content. For instance, under the experimental mechanism, you will have to explain the different steps of study with experiments. You should be smart with lot of answers to backfire. On the other hand, you should also write few lines about the ultimate result of navigation/experiment. At the same time, at the discussion phase, elaborate your content by writing about the findings. What is the connection with the main hypothesis in the academic paper? You should handle this job competently in the middle of the write-up


You must integrate all facts, arguments, opinions and thoughts on a single texture restating the previous thesis statement in different words. The conclusion should be glossy, dynamic and meaningful.

Form the Bibliography

Bibliography is the last stage of composing the academic paper. The list of names of reference links, books and e-journals should be properly exhibited under this section. Readers will check your bibliography for renewing their thoughts. However, you must not format this bibliography in a different format. If needed, collect/download some sample bibliographies from Google for good revision.

More ideas to write or compose the perfect academic papers can be had from any reliable academic site on Google. However, assistance from the college supervisors is very much effective to students who are inexperienced. Newbies should also deal with online academic tutorial sites, study materials and e-books to have more aplomb for good content framing.

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