The 12 Best Research Paper Topics For Middle School Students

Middle school students have a wide selection of research paper topics to choose from. Your personal interests will help you find a good topic for your research paper. Your guidelines will also give an idea of what is expected of your topic selection. You can brainstorm ideas based on what is trending in the media or personal interests. Here are 12 research paper ideas to consider that can help you develop your own topic.

  1. When homework is considered a waste of time. A research paper can review reasons why assignments completed outside the classroom are pointless.
  2. Countries that allow children to fight in the military. Countries such as Africa allow youth to participate in war violence activities. Is this right?
  3. Why students should be allowed to have cellphones in school. Most schools do not allow students to have cellphones in class because they believe they are a distraction. Do you agree?
  4. Techniques proven to reduce bullying in school. A research paper can explore options that actually prove to reduce bully activity among students.
  5. Your favorite food that is good for your health. What is a food you enjoy eating regularly that is actually good for you? Try thinking outside of the box for this one.
  6. Is cheating really a bad thing? There are many stories about cheating academically, but is it really a bad thing and does it help students learn something new at the same time?
  7. Effective ways to save for college. What are ways students can start saving for higher education?
  8. Why research paper assignments are useful. Students hate writing papers but what is the bright side to such assignments?
  9. An activity that is legal in one country but considered illegal in another. What is something people are allowed to do in one area but is considered against the law elsewhere?
  10. Natural remedies proven to help treat colds or mild illnesses. What are unusual ways to cure an illness that are considered natural and/or organic methods?
  11. Actions that can improve self-esteem. What are ways middle school students can improve their self-esteem?
  12. Conduct extensive research on a favorite city or country (how it has evolved). Take time to learn about a place you want to visit or an area that has seen high amounts of violence.

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