Quick Tips On How To Complete A Research Paper On The History Of Ballet

Ballet is not just a beautiful dance. It is also a fascinating theatrical art and a competitive sport. If you love ballet, you’ll definitely enjoy investigating the history of its creation and development. Consider the following tips to write a strong research paper on the topic.

Getting Started

Allow enough time to work on your paper. If you want to create a quality piece of writing and explore the history of ballet deeply, don’t procrastinate. To craft an average paper of 10-15 pages, you’ll need about a month. However, if you can be really quick, give yourself at least a week.

Decide on your topic.

A variety of interesting research questions can be raised about the history of ballet. You may explore its origins, trace its development in a specific country (Italy, France, America, Russia, etc.), focus on a specific time period (17th, 19th, 20th century, etc.), look at the development of ballet methods and styles, or explore the lives of famous ballet dancers or choreographers. Whatever topic you choose, make sure that it is simple, specific, and workable.

Doing Research

  • Refer to various sources.
  • Make use of your school library. The Internet can be helpful as well.
  • Make sure that the sources are credible.
  • While library publications can usually be relied upon, online resources cannot always be trusted.
  • Double-check the information obtained online
  • Be accurate.
  • Be accurate and attentive when writing down direct quotes, facts, and statistical data. Remember to copy all relevant details about the sources (authors’ names, years, and page numbers).


    • Set priorities.
    • Look through your notes and decide which points should be presented first and which ones should close the argument.

    • Group the evidence.
    • Check if you have enough evidential support for each of your points.

    • Develop the outline.
    • Follow the order of your arguments.

    Writing the Research Paper

    • Create an introduction.
    • The introductory paragraph of your work should give some background information about your topic within the history of ballet and logically lead to the thesis statement. Your thesis statement should not only present your position on the issue but also give some hints as to how you are going to prove the point.

    • Write the body.
    • Remember to present your arguments about the history of ballet in compliance with the order stipulated in your outline.

    • Conclude well.
    • Your conclusion should restate the thesis and briefly summarize the key points of our paper.

    • Sort your references.
    • Refer to a corresponding style manual to arrange your references properly.

Writing Ideas

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