Writing A Winning Research Paper Abstract On Global Warming

A research abstract is short (250-400 words) and yet, it meticulously defines the extension of the work. It lays down the principles of the work; the significant points which the work entails upon and also a gist of the conclusion. In this sense, it is almost a mini Introduction.

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While writing research abstracts, you should get inspiration from eminent abstracts written by credible writers on a variety of subjects; both on opinionated and exact science topics. You will derive that irrespective of the topic, the abstract is mostly factual, concise and lucid. We will take the case of a research abstract on global warming –

The Research Abstract

“Global warming has come across as a monumental factor of discussion among different countries. Wide-scale use of non-renewable energy resources has exponentially increased the levels of pollution. This has upended environmental stability and started increasing the global temperature (the surface temperature has raised by almost .5°C in the last 25 years. This has resulted in the rising rate of melting of the ice cap on mountains and thus the rise of oceanic levels. This also has a direct influence on rains and weather fluctuations. At this rate, while global warming may not cause much harm to the existent populace, it will surely be a menace for the coming generations. The rampant escalation of heat waves and retreat of glaciers are just small if not insignificant expressions of global warming. Over the last 15 years, many G30 summits have been on the matter. Most countries have adopted potent Renewable Energy Targets for the next 20 years and are planning to go partially or wholly off the grid. The establishment of renewable energy sources like sun, wind and water and processing of greenhouse gases are worthy solutions. This research work takes a detailed look at the potencies and stretches if global warming and how it can be curbed. It also provides a startling way out through the apparent holocaust the word is facing, say, in the next century. The comprehensive work zeroes in on typical topographies which relate to the aspects of global warming with greater credence and finds mercurial evidence of the levels of dismantling that global warming can cause. The research work makes one thing clear. We cannot just depend on what our respective Governments are doing for the motion; we have to proactive steps towards rendering stability to the environment through energy-conscious systematization at home.”

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