A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics On Information Technology

In the not too distant past, if you mentioned Information Technology to a passerby on the street and asked them what it meant they would say computers, and maybe if you were very lucky, they might mention the Internet as well. However, recent advances mean that it is so much more than that. A good qualification in I.T. will quite literally open the gateway to the world for you. There is an abundance of opportunities to be had in the likes of Tokyo, as well as in emerging economies. However, for now you can only dream about what lies ahead, and for now the most pressing thing that you need to do is write this research paper.

So, how do you make it interesting? Hopefully, my list of topics will help:

  • Does reading on tablets rather than traditional books, and magazines have a detrimental impact not just on our eyesight, but on our general health?
  • Can criminologists and the law enforcement agencies use technology, in particular, gaming technology to get into the heads of mass murderers and psychopaths?
  • Explore the ethics around putting tracking and monitoring devices into gaming programs in order to help monitor pedophiles and other dangerous criminals.
  • At the moment it is a well-known fact that countries like China and Korea control and monitor their citizen’s access to the internet. Can you envisage a futuristic scenario where they might go one step beyond this? Explore the kinds of technologies that presently exist that might support this hypothesis.
  • Can you envisage a time when fewer teachers and tutors will be required in school, and more learning will be done via the internet? Explore the positive and negative benefits around this.
  • Is there really any need to go into the office anymore, when information technology and access to a global marketplace makes it easier for more and more people to work from the comfort of their own home?
  • Compare computers a decade ago and explore how through advances in technology they will look in another decade from now.
  • Is there an argument to reverse the advance in information technology? Have we gone too far? Is it time slam on the brakes and turn back in time?
  • Is there a role for information in churches? If more pastors and priests were to embrace information technology, would they see an increase in their congregation size?

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