Writing An Economics Research Paper Title Page For High School

High school is a time when students learn all the foundational pieces of crafting a great research paper. It doesn’t matter what subject is being studied, there are some standards one should learn in order to excel academically in other areas and as one progresses towards higher grade levels. An economics research paper has a few elements that aren’t shared by other subjects, but keeping to the standard three formatting styles should help you get all the basics. This will show you how to craft a great title page for a high school level economics class:

APA Format Style Cover Page

This formatting style is used as a citation method within the social and behavioral sciences such as human and animal behavior, sociology, community studies and political science to name a few. It’s the preferred format for higher education and academic journals in these fields:

  • This format requires you to place your title about halfway down the page, center aligned.
  • Your name goes at the bottom of the page, also center aligned.
  • Immediately below your name place your school’s name and the date of submission beneath that. Your teacher’s name does not have to be included.

MLA Format Style Cover Page

This formatting style is used as a citation method within a number of fields and is generally considered the safest format to follow when you aren’t sure which of the other styles to choose. It’s still a good idea to check with your instructor to be sure you are allowed to use MLA for your research paper:

  • MLA format style does not require a title page. However if your instructor requires it for the economic research paper the title should be aligned center and placed about a third of the way down the first page.
  • Your name is placed 2 or 3 lines below your title; with your course information placed 2 or 3 lines, both center aligned.

Chicago Format Style Cover Page

This formatting style is widely used for citation and publication in history and social sciences areas of study. It provides quite a bit of freedom since it incorporates a mix of a number of different formats:

  • Place the title of your research paper about halfway down the first page, center aligned.
  • In the line immediately below your title, place your name also centered aligned.
  • In three separate lines, at the bottom of your title page, you should list your instructor’s name, your course information and the date of submission.

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