How To Create A Good Science Fair Research Paper: A Quick Guide

The Qualities of a Research Paper:

A good research paper must reflect your writing potential as well as investigative labor. And when it comes to a science fair research paper, it should also show the scientific methods that you have taken up and your curious mind.

A Quick Guide for Science Fair Research Paper

  • Learn The Proper Structure
  • The paper submission is an essential part without which, your project shall be considered a failure. In order to submit the paper and score high, you must know the proper structure of a paper that includes elements like- title page, introduction, background research, methodology, data, results and conclusion.

  • Jazz Up The Title Page
  • Apart from correctly inserting your name, grade, school and mentor’s name- you shall be evaluated on the basis of the title of the project also. The title must be attractive and informative. You need to sum it up within it- what the science fair project is all about. If you are participating in a competition, then the title must work in your favor.

  • Introduction Should Be To-The-Point
  • The introduction of the paper is what must hook the reader. In the introduction page, one must narrate why the project has been taken up, the idea behind it, if similar experimentations have been made in the past, what outcomes you have predicted before the start of the project and whether they have come true. All these need to be described within a single paragraph.

  • Background Research Must be Thorough
  • Here, you need to show the data you have collected from reliable sources as background information. These sources may vary from government organizations to scholarly journals and so on. Not only you have to cite them, but also these collections need to be analyzed. You have to prove the co-relation between them and your topic.

  • Methodology Must Be Inspiring
  • Your methodology section must be bearing the descriptions of means you had taken up to carry out the experimentation. From the devices to your questionnaire- this section should include each of them. This should be inspiring and informative enough to be a model among the future students.

  • The last Segment Should be A Fitting End
  • The last section must include data representation, result and conclusion. The data must be expressed with the help of colorful graphs, bars and charts. Your analysis of result should be followed next. Lastly, the conclusion should include the summary of the whole paper as well as recommendations for the future experiment.

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