Seven Interesting Suggestions For Composing A Research Paper About Zeus

Zeus was the king of the Olympian gods in Greek mythology. Famous as the father of both gods and men, he was also known to be the god of fate, weather, sky, law, and order. Always depicted as a majestic figure, the attributes usually to found with him were a royal scepter, lightning bolt, and eagle.

He had two brothers who were also well-known in mythology: Hades, who ruled the underworld, and Poseidon, who ruled the sea. His sister Hera, who was also his wife (making her queen of the gods), was the goddess of marriage and women. There are many myths in which Zeus is featured, but some of the most famous include:

  • The Titan War
  • The life and death of his favored son Heracles
  • The War of the Giants

Coming up with a topic for composing a research paper can be difficult. There is so much to learn about Zeus, and he is so interesting that the problem lies in choosing just one area to delve into. With this in mind, here are some interesting suggestions you may want to consider before you start writing:

  • Stay away from the well-known: Many of things about Zeus are well-known among a variety of people. For example, while many may know that Athena is his daughter, what may not be known is that her father swallowed her mother while she was still in the womb, and she was birthed full-grown from his head instead.
  • Think about where he came from: As the youngest child of six born to Rhea and Cronus, Zeus was the only one not eaten by his father thanks to advance planning. He was instead raised by a variety of different "people", including Gaia and her goat.
  • Do what I say and not what I do: Although he was always quick to punish anyone who did wrong, this god had many affairs and was known as a womanizer.
  • He rescued his brothers and sisters: With his siblings still living in Cronus' stomach, Zeus killed his father with a thunderbolt and brought them back to the world of the living.
  • The various punishments of Hera: Hera was jealous and vindictive, known for attempting to murder her step-children. She was punished in many different ways for her crimes, some of which were quite inventive.
  • The condemnation of Tantalus: As punishment for cutting up his son, boiling him, and attempting to feed him to the gods, Tantalus was punished by an eternal banishment to Tartarus.
  • After the marriage to Hera: When a nymph refuses to attend the nuptials, Zeus punished her by turning her into a turtle.

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