Picking Unique Term Paper Topics On Renaissance

Whether you are studying history, art or any other subject that requires you to write a term paper based on the topic of the renaissance era, then you may be struggling to think of a good theme for your essay. The following provides various hints and tips to help you think of an idea of your own, as well as a list of further title ideas that may be inspiring.

Narrow down your topic list to a particular decade, artist or piece of work

Rather than trying to think of broad ideas and topics to write about, it can be a good idea to narrow down the theme of your essay. For example, you may wish to base the work on a particular decade from the renaissance area, or you may wish to narrow the topic list down to a particular artist or piece of work. Once you have a more specific idea of the area of the renaissance era that you want to write about, it should make it much easier to think of good quality titles.

Alternatively, think about comparing the renaissance with a different period in history

As well as focusing entirely on a theme related to the renaissance era, you may wish to base your paper on a comparison with another period of history. For example, you may wish to compare and contrast the artwork of the renaissance era with that of an earlier or later time.

Think of ideas that you have enjoyed learning about

It may sound obvious, but it is a good idea to think of topics that you have enjoyed learning about during your studies. By picking a title based on something the has been of interest to you, not only will it make it easier to research, but it will be much easier to write the work as well.

If you’re still struggling to think of good titles to write about then the following list may provide further inspiration to help you:

  • Renaissance Italy in the 14th Century
  • Art of the renaissance era
  • Literature of the renaissance era
  • The portrayal of genders in renaissance literature
  • Christian depictions in renaissance art
  • An in depth study of a philosopher in the renaissance times
  • An analysis of culture during the renaissance era based on poetry written at the time
  • Compare and contrast modern literature with renaissance literature
  • The role and perception of science during the renaissance era
  • What was life like for people who lived during the renaissance era?

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