Research Paper Topics About Youth: 18 Fresh Ideas To Consider

Behind every breakthrough or revolution; behind every rebellion or a new thought; there stands the youth brigade. Victor Hugo once famously said that “No force on Earth can stop an idea whose time has come”. The youth have arrived.

Multiple avenues

Almost naturally, the youth offer multiple research options. They range from their somatic, psychic; religious and other abstract spheres. You have an additional advantage while conducting the research; you belong to the brigade.

Cover respondents diligently

You cannot afford to do rustic and random sampling. You have to pick your groups intelligently and diligently; mixing the rural and urban; rich and poor; introvert and outspoken. You also have to identify the streams you need to research on. Otherwise the format and form is so expansive that you will lose yourself somewhere in the middle.

Mix with caution

You also have to mix the opinions with expositions. Remember that this is such a research topic that will automatically be emulated by others after you. Thus, you have to create a redoubtable work with well-described junctures so that the youth of today get a suggestive definition.

Get into the skin

It is actually preferable if you can manage to get into their skin and absorb their perspective on their existence. Study the matters that make them irritated and the things they desire for the future society. This will extensively help you in your endeavor.

Here are 18 research paper topics on youth –

  1. How has the concept of education changed for young people today?
  2. How do the youth of today look at relationships?
  3. What is the youth’s take on sex?
  4. Dissect the lively angles of a multicultural workforce
  5. Is the new brigade naturally getting more rebellious today?
  6. Run psychoanalytical tests on youthful deviations
  7. Is the current crop of people beginning to think commerce in every aspect of life?
  8. What is hurting the youth the most; racism, poverty or unemployment?
  9. Has the general concept of life grossly deviated from yesteryears to today’s youth?
  10. Are we looking forward at growth in rate of abortions, teen pregnancy and live-ins?
  11. How much of an impact does Social Media have on youth?
  12. Will print media gradually lose its bite?
  13. Are youth of today getting more aggressive than youth of earlier generations?
  14. Analyze the seeds of fitness-consciousness in the new generation?
  15. Is the youth population naturally getting more visual?
  16. What will be the ultimate effect of the fusion of cultures everywhere?
  17. What is the general take of youth on politics?
  18. Are the youth of today getting more humane – a research with an eye on the debate of capital punishment

Writing Ideas

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