The College Research Paper Structure: Useful Instructions For Students

Students prepare research paper assignments in college in order to learn how to find and evaluate data and information, formulate their position and discuss it in an academic manner, and describe and analyze the findings. It’s important to organize the paper in a proper way. A typical structure includes the following sections: an introduction, methodology, outcomes/findings, discussion, conclusion and recommendations, and a bibliography list.

The useful instructions provided below are prepared to help college students compose a well-structured research paper:

  • Remember to describe your study subject from the general to the specific and then back to the general throughout the assignment.
  • An introduction provides general details, and the methodology and outcomes sections are specific, giving many details and characteristics. Bear in mind that a discussion part of the paper should generalize the discussion again.

  • Prepare an introduction that can be used as a blueprint for the entire writing.
  • A well-written introduction helps the readers to understand what the research paper is about. Typically, it consists of three parts, such as the problem introduction, purpose of research, and the writer’s main argument.

  • Include all the methods and materials you used in the methodology section.
  • This section of your work should provide detailed information about what methods you’ve used to obtain the results of research and why. Make sure to include all the limitations that apply. Keep in mind that it’s better to write this section in past tense.

  • Present the outcomes/findings of your study.
  • The way in which you present the outcomes depends on your study subject, what kind of research you’ve conducted, and what your readers’ expectations are. Usually, students provide either quantitative or qualitative information. However, you should consult a writing manual if you need more information.

  • Generalize what you’ve found out from your research.
  • A discussion section of your work should explain the meaning of the key findings, and how they correspond to your thesis statement. It’s recommended to write this section in present tense.

  • Bind together the main ideas in your paper in a conclusion and discussion section.
  • Though some supervisors don’t require it being a separate section, you might consider writing the conclusion and recommendation section in order to answer your study question in a clear manner and restate your main ideas.

  • Compose a bibliography list.
  • In the world of academic writing, each work should end up with a full bibliography list that can be used by others for further reference. Make sure to include all the sources that you’ve used while working on the paper.

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