A List Of Exciting Research Paper Topic Ideas For High School

If you are in high school and it’s your first time to be asked by your teacher to develop a research paper, then it may seem like an extremely daunting task. Most students actually feel the same way, and the main problem is usually the selection of an interesting topic. The trick to choosing an exciting topic is to write about controversial issues or issues that are always in the media limelight. Here is a list of exciting research paper topic ideas for high school that can boost your inspiration and creativity.

  1. Animal Testing
  2. Animal testing has always been an intriguing and controversial topic to discuss. You can focus your research on the ethics of animal testing and discuss whether you think animals have a say.

  3. Abortion
  4. While there are some countries that have legalized abortion, others have declined to pass legislation to legalize it. Your research paper could examine issues such as whether there are cases whereby abortion might be justified such as in the case of rape or incest.

  5. Human Cloning
  6. Human cloning has always raised heated debates with regard to whether it is ethical. Your paper could focus on issues such as the ethics of human cloning, the rights of the clone, and whether it can be used to harvest human organs.

  7. Internet Addiction among the Youth
  8. Your paper could focus on the reasons why the young population is increasingly becoming addicted to the internet. You can discuss about the negative or positive effects of interacting through the internet.

  9. Animal Intelligence
  10. This is an exciting topic that you can choose. You can write about past studies on testing of animal intelligence and explore whether such intelligence can be effectively tested.

  11. Pollution and Pollution Control
  12. Environmental issues have lately been in the forefront of media discussions and governments’ policies. You can write about the types of pollution that are not given a lot of exposure yet they have the potential to cause irreparable harm to the environment and the public.

  13. Obesity among Teenagers
  14. You can research on the factors that have contributed to high incidence of abortion among the youth these days. You can discuss about the effects and the potential interventions to address the issue.

  15. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  16. Your paper can focus on the major contributing factors to the spread of STDs and how they can be mitigated. You can also explore the types of STDs that are most prevalent and the prevalence rate of such STDs.

  17. Teenage Pregnancy
  18. You can research on the major factors that have contributed to the increase in teenage pregnancy these days. What is the role of shows and the media in promoting or mitigating the trend?

  19. Homelessness
  20. Since the last economic downturn, an increasing number of Americans have found that they homeless. You can focus your study on the causes of homelessness, the prevalence rate of homelessness in your state, the most vulnerable group, and the possible mechanisms the government has put in place to mitigate the issue.

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