Choosing Winning Argumentative Research Paper Topics About The Death Penalty

When you want to write about death penalty, you will find many resources that can help you with choosing the best topic and then finding literature that holds all the relevant information. But the most difficult thing is to choose the right idea you want to argue about. At the same time, you must also keep in mind the fact that some points can be very sensitive to some reader so try to avoid them.

Inform yourself

Death penalty is a topic that many countries are debating about, because it denies a person a basic right to live. It is a question of freedom and enforcement of law, and the same debate is present in literature from ancient Greek writers to new age bloggers. You will have a lot of books to choose from, but the best thing for you is probably to inform yourself by reading newspapers. There might be an article or a piece that will hold some strong points and inspire you to think of a great topic.

Make a clear but an intriguing statement

An argumentative paper won’t be good if there is not a point worth arguing about. If you chose a topic that you already know answer too, no one will be interested in reading more that the introduction to your paper. Make a controversial statement, and they try to defend it with the right literature and data you have collected while preparing to write about the topic.

Don’t overcomplicate

If you want to make a great point, it should be complicated so your readers can’t follow you. Use simple expressions, don’t try to impress you reader with a title that looks like something a nuclear physicist would say. If you use a thesaurus to think of a topic to write about, you are trying too hard.

Here are some great examples for an argumentative research paper:

  1. We don’t have the right to inforce death penalty to people of different nationality and race that live in our country.
  2. Death penalty should be abolished because it denies basic rights.
  3. Beneficent trends in counties that have death penalty: connection between murder and the fear of being killed by the law.

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Writing Ideas

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