Top 28 Possible Topics For A High School Term Paper

High school students have just one step before their graduation. They have to write a lot of different papers on various topics. A high schooler’s term paper is a serious manifestation of his or her skills as a young researcher. This type of work shows that the student has mastered all the skills that can be acquired in high school and knows how to apply them properly.

The student can select various term paper topics. Read the following article to find the list of twenty-eight term paper topics that will give you some ideas of what a decent topic should be about.

  1. The ways of nonverbal communication between men and women.
  2. The most significant historical events that have changed the world.
  3. The most important discovery in human history and the way in which it was made.
  4. The risks of catching internet addiction amongst students.
  5. The philosophy of humanism as the predominating idea of the 21st century.
  6. The social aspect of children’s growth in divorced families.
  7. Cloning in the 21st century: is it ethical to recreate people?
  8. The perfect age for giving birth to a child.
  9. The phenomenon of subcultures’ development in the USA.
  10. Should all people be allowed to carry weapons?
  11. The most common reasons for depressions amongst teenagers.
  12. Is fast food a gift of progress or a poison to human bodies?
  13. What are the reasons for increased obesity in the USA?
  14. Cultural stereotypes of various nationalities: common and distinctive features.
  15. Can electronic books replace paper ones in the near future?
  16. The occultism among teenagers: is it a threat to kid’s health or just a game?
  17. The peculiarities of parenting in single-sex families.
  18. Reasons for discrimination at schools.
  19. Should children practice the basics of first aid from an early age?
  20. The creation of the most popular tests of intellect measurement and their effectiveness.
  21. Do ads influence human choice of products?
  22. The means of fighting against cancer and AIDS.
  23. Are people destroying the place they live?
  24. Who sets the standard of beauty in society?
  25. The historical person that inspires me the most.
  26. Ways to improve the study process at high schools.
  27. Should children under 21 be allowed to smoke and consume alcohol?
  28. Should people ban medical testing on animals?

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