Choosing Strong Sociology Research Paper Topics: 12 Ideas

Writing a research paper in sociology is an interesting task and it helps the students develop their writing skills, critical thinking, thought process, and organizational skills. These academic papers are tougher from ordinary ones because they require proper structure, formatting, analysis, finding a niche and addressing a proper target audience. Sociology itself is an interesting subject but the student needs to have a clear grasp on the basic theories and core concepts. You should be able to tell feudalism from Marxism and social self from personal self by looking at any case study. This is just an indication of how clear you are about the basic concepts in your subject. If you miss most of the lectures and do not have any interest in the subject, then it will be next to impossible for you to compose a winning research paper

The title of your paper is important in setting your direction and guiding the reader about what to expect from the assignment. It is critically important for both the writer and the reader because it helps them in maintaining an overall flow of the assignment. If you have a precise topic, you know what you are expected to do and which subject areas you should address. The case applies to the readers as well because then they can tell what the rest of the assignment is all about and whether they should continue reading or not.

Every student wants to choose the best title for his paper and impress his audience with unique ideas. The problem however, is that when a group of thirty or more students reads the same text book, has the same teacher, attends the same lecture and reads the similar resources, they are highly likely to choose a similar topic. This is why you should always brainstorm for fresh ideas and discard the first few ideas that immediately come to your mind about the subject

To help you choose, here are some interesting topic ideas for your paper in sociology

Topics to consider for sociology research papers

  1. Marxism, is it a failed theory
  2. What is the innate flaw of capitalism and how can we overcome it
  3. Social self
  4. Personal self
  5. Economics and sociology
  6. Bourgeois class
  7. Division of labor
  8. Profit maximization
  9. Neo Marxism
  10. Feudalism compared to capitalism
  11. The ideal society
  12. State control and social class system

Writing Ideas

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